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Bank cards

The Bank issues and maintains cards of international payment systems VISA Inc. and MasterCard WorldWide – the most well-known and widespread.
The bank cards allow you:
• to fulfill transactions within Russia and worldwide in any currency;
• to guarantee maximum safety of monetary funds. In case of loss or larceny all you need to do is to make a phone call to block the card;
• to get any amount of cash from your account in any ATM or cash desk in any local currency during 24 hours, including weekends and holidays;
• to open an additional card to allow your family members, friends and relatives jointly use the card account;
• to refill the card account by paying in cash or transfers from the bank;
• to pass through customs with any amount of money without any declaration;
• to avoid high commissions while exchanging cash and to complete transactions in more favorable rate of the international payment system;
• to book hotel rooms, rent a car, to pay for any purchase without going outside of your room.

The Bank also offers a bank card to its corporate clients to cover travel allowance and representative expenses. The corporate bank card- VISA and Master Card Business- is a unique tool to arrange and control travel and representation expenditures of your employees.
Option of having access to records of payments in and out of card, receiving transaction statements with information about place, date and amount of transactions, excludes the risk of overspending and allows firm planning of the budget.

The Bank will be delighted to be your partner and assistant!