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The JSCB “SLAVIA” offers to its Clients some different credit products. Any legal entity operating in Russia can apply for credits. Credits can be provided in Russian rubles, US dollars and EURO.

Offered Credits

  • Credit;
  • Credit line with a limit of withdrawal;
  • Credit line with a limit of debt; 
  • Bank guarantee in favor of third party;
    • Guarantee of proper implementation of contracts; 
    • Tender guarantees.  

Goals of provided credits

  • To fill out the gaps between the cash flow;
  • To enlarge the goods flow; 
  • To increase floating capital;
  • To cover some capital expenditures (enlargement, technical re-equipment, updating of running production)
  • Other

Credit life

  • Up to 1 year (short-term);
  • From 1 year to 2 years;
  • Over 2 year (long-term).

In order to make a decision on credit durations the Bank takes into account different aspects of production, provisions of agreements and turnover of the account of the Client. Credit duration also depends on credit capacity of the Client, goal of the credit and guarantees.

Interest rates

Interest rates are determined based on refinancing rate of the Bank of Russia and depend on total amount, duration, currency, financial condition of the Client, targeted usage, offered guarantee.

The JSCB “SLAVIA” accepts the following security of the Client’s credits:

  • Collateral (secured);
  • Guarantees (other banks) ;
  • Pledge;
    • Immovable property and fixed assets;
    • Voluble inventory and raw materials; 
    • Deposits, allocated in the Bank;
    • Securities.
The total amount of assessed value of the security for the credit should cover the amount of credit and interest rates.