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Personal bank cells

The Bank offers for lease safe bank cells to store documents, valuables and other belongings in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation.

Some advantages of personal bank cells

  • Complete security to keep valuables- personal bank cells are located in certified guarded safe vault, which complies with all requirements of safety and confidentiality.

  • The Bank provides day-long security and guarantees protection of the personal bank cells from unauthorized access.

  • Maximum confidentiality- nobody besides you will be in the safe vault while the bank cell is being used by you. You are the only one who knows the content of your bank cell.

  • Special regime of access to the bank cells can be offered- You can use the bank cell to fulfill sales agreement of immovable property. The special rules of access can be introduced into the agreement.

  • The Bank strictly follows these rules to exclude any fact of fraud or unauthorized access of third parties.

  • Provision of a banknote counter and verification of the currencies authenticity.

  • Absence of deposit for a key.