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Foreign-economic activities support services and International Transactions

The JSCB “SLAVIA” offers wide range of services to its clients to conduct foreign-economic activities. These services include: maintenance of currency accounts, conducting of conversional, non-trading, documentary and other operations, including international money transfer and transactions.

The JSCB offers the following services:

• To provide expertise of foreign-economic contracts;
• To execute agreement passports and approval of their copies within a day;
• To help in execution of payment orders;
• To monitor payments of natural persons in foreign currencies, including payments without maintenance of bank accounts;
• To execute currency control of operations of non-residents of the Russian Federation, including transactions of residents and non-residents executed in the currency of the Russian Federation;
• To control the currency operations conducted between residents and non-residents within credit agreements;
• To conduct real-time currency operations by using “Client-bank” system;
• To provide constant and on-time information to clients about all changes into a currency legislation of the Russian Federation.

International transactions

The JSCB “SLAVIA” renders wide spectrum of banking services to support the foreign economic activities of the clients:
• Provides consultations about issues of international transactions;
• Carries out international transactions with all forms of transactions that are being used in international banking relations.

Forms of operations for transfers of foreign currencies:

• Inflow of export earnings that provided to exporters-clients of the Bank;
• Carrying out payment orders of the clients in foreign currencies Russian rubles, including such orders in foreign currencies within Russia, their transfer abroad for import of goods as well as other activities conducted for import-export of goods, services and products of intellectual activities and non-trade activities;
• Implementing orders for offset of debts of residents and their loans in foreign currencies.

Our advantages

The JSCB “SLAVIA”, being a currency control agent, for over 10 years has been successfully providing services to clients in the filed of foreign economic activities, gained a tremendous experience and also trust among the clients.
Having highly experienced staff serving the foreign economic activities allows the JSCB “SLAVIA” to provide professional consultations in the filed currency legislation at any level of implementation of agreements and for any financial mechanism being used.
The payment order in foreign currencies implemented usually at the day of order. The professional staff provides consultation services to write down the payment provisions of contracts and fill out applications for payments.
If required by the Client the Bank conducts investigations of completed transfers, makes necessary changes in payment instructions.