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"Expert RA" has confirmed the credit rating of the JSCB "SLAVIA" at A level.

"Expert RA" has confirmed the credit rating of the JSCB "SLAVIA" at A level.

The rating agency "Expert RA" has confirmed the credit rating of the JSCB "SLAVIA" at A level "high level of creditworthiness" the second subtotal, the rating outlook is "stable".

The analysts of "Expert RA" consider that the key factors positively affecting at the level of rating of the bank are the balance of assets and liabilities for a short period of time. (on 01.09.13 H2 = 43.7%; H3 = 76.3%) and high quality of off-balance sheet credits (on 01.09.13 more than 85% of the issued guarantees and sureties with I-II category of quality). The rating is positively influenced by the well diversification of borrowed funds (half of the key funding – means of LE and IE made up- 34.9% on 01.09.13) and moderately low level of their concentration on the major creditors (10 largest creditors / creditor groups was about 16% of gross liabilities at 01.09.13). Ratings are supported by an acceptable level of security of the loan portfolio, taking into account collateral of securities, bank guarantees and the minor currency risks.

JSCB "SLAVIA" specializes in crediting legal entities and attracting funds from legal entities and individuals. The Bank is represented by 9 structural divisions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lyubertsy, Pskov and Nizhny Novgorod. As of 01.09.2013 the value of assets under RAS made up 7.9 million rubles (314 th place in the assets rank of "Expert RA"), the amount of equity - 1.4 million rubles, profit before tax in the first half of 2013 - about 48 million rubles.