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  • Is the Bank member of the system of insurance of deposits?
    The JSCB “SLAVIA” is included into the register of member-banks of the system of mandatory insurance of deposits on September, 2005 under number 892.
  • Can I use the bank cell to complete a contract of sale?
    The JSCB “SLAVIA” offers to clients to lease the individual bank cells to complete contracts of sale.
  • Can I open a bank card for my accountant to transfer salary? What kind of documents should be provided?
    You should visit the Bank with your passport or other documents in order to sign a number of documents to open such an account with a bank card. The Bank will provide the account details to make transfer into such account. You can also allocate cash into the bank card. In case if you subscribe to receive account statements via SMS such messages will be delivered to you via mobile phone.
  • How should I select a currency for the bank’s card account?
    It mostly depends on the place where you frequently use the bank card. In case if you use the card within the territory of the Russian Federation we recommend you to hold a Russian rubles account to be able to purchase goods and services. Indeed, such account is also valid in abroad but the Bank charges for conversation of Rubles into foreign currency in accordance with Tariffs. In case if you use the bank card in Euro zone more frequently we recommend you to hold the Euro account. It is quite common also to hold a multi currency account.
  • What are the short-term plans of Bank?
    At the end of the year 2008 the Supervisory Board approved a business plan of the JSCB “SLAVIA” for 2009. In accordance with the business plan the Bank should:
    • Increase equity via capitalization of income, and also further increase the share capital for another 100 000 000 Russian rubles;
    • Fulfill set of measures to incorporate the Bank into the register of the Federal Customs Service;
    • Attract some long-term deposits from individuals and legal entities. Allocate above-mentioned funds into efficient projects of the Bank’s corporate clients that are engaged into real sector of economy;
    • Expand correspondent networks with other banks, including foreign banks;
    • Strengthen and widen efficiency of the network of branches and other structural divisions;
    • Diversify the clients basis, enhance the quality of services provided to clients and widen spectrum of rendered services by introducing innovative approaches. Implementation of these goals requires on the one hand, personal approach to each client by considering their specifics and on the other hand, provision of same level services to quarantine their rights to receive efficient bank services (including development and implementation of personal bank products) ;
    • Widen activities with bank cards and list of provided services with bank cards;
    • Implement a client oriented strategy and structure. Within this plans the Bank should implement the following:
    a) Strengthening activities of divisions oriented towards diversification and increase of quality of provided services to clients of the Bank;
    b) Carrying constant monitoring of the market, analysis of the clients basis, client’s priorities, their plans of development, including their counterparts, analysis of offerings of competitors in financial market;
    c) Creation of consultation system to render professional services to clients of the Bank in the filed of financial management. Increase the costs of businesses of the clients in order to offer them a wide range of banking services;
    d) Implement PR strategy. Develop and implement advertisement campaign to popularize the brand of the Bank. Fulfill activities in order to increase the ratings of the Bank with specialized rating agencies.
  • Does the Bank provide credits for small and medium businesses?
    The JSCB “SLAVIA” is actively involved in crediting small and medium entities and such crediting is a strategic priority for the Bank. The Bank constantly introduces new crediting products that can be attractive for small and medium businesses. Moreover, the Bank offers payment services, including remote access to bank account, management of cash-flow, allocation of deposits and placement of valuables into individual bank cells.
  • How does the Bank stand in during the financial crisis?
    1. The JSCB “SLAVIA” has been carrying out a balanced credit policy and does not invest in high-risk and long-term projects, for example, in securities and real estate. Such an attitude allowed the Bank to secure a cash-flow necessary to finance its activities and made possible to avoid any obstacles of financial crisis.
    2. In October 2008 the Bank increased the charter fund and attracted additional financing in the form of subordinated loan. By doing all above-mentioned the Bank increased its equity for over 800 000 000 Russian rubles.
    3. In January 2009 the rating agency “Expert RA” increased the credit rating of the Bank up to investment level “B++” “Admissible level of reliability with positive perspectives”, which allows the Bank to attract credit resources of the Central Bank of Russian Federation without any security.
    4. The Bank actively engaged in process of strengthening of its market standing and exploring new markets.