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The choice of a notification method on transactions made by the bank cards

JSCB «SLAVIA» is pleased to announce the possibility of selecting a notification method on transactions made with the bank cards.
Now you can quickly get a detailed information via:
• sms-notifications to the mobile phone number;
• receiving an e-mail (on an e-mail address).
The service can be provided to any bank’s card - basic and additional.
You can get SMS / e-mail – notification services:
By calling on weekdays from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm:
8-495-969-24-15 in Moscow;
8-495-981-81-36 in Lyubertsy;
8-811-2 59-00-00 in Pskov.
Fill out the application for the service at any office of the JSCB «SLAVIA»
Services are paid in accordance with the Bank's tariffs.