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Achievements in 2011

2011 was a year of dynamic development of the JSCB "SLAVIA" in the domestic financial market. Today, the Bank holds a strong position among the Russian banks. In 2011 JSCB "SLAVIA" achieved positive results in many areas.

Financial rate.

In 2011 the Bank "SLAVIA" increased its equity by 19%. The volume of equity increased by 210.5 million rubles, and on January 1, 2012 it amounted to 1315.8 million rubles. - In 2011 the net assets of the Bank increased by 294 million rubles. In 2011 the Bank's loan portfolio increased by 135.4 million rubles and amounted to 3082.7 million rubles. Investments in debentures for 2011 increased by 134, 5 million rubles, or 62.9%. Placement of temporarily free funds in the interbank market in 2011 increased by 190.9 million rubles. (21%). - The growth of bank’s liabilities in 2011 was primarily due to funds raised from legal entities and individuals. Thus, on January 1, 2012 deposits allocated by legal entities amounted to 1087, 4 million rubles. Deposits of legal entities increased by 207, 3 million rubles or 23.6%. On January 1, 2012 deposits of individuals amounted to1434, 4 million rubles. Balances on clients’ settlement and current accounts increased by 443 million rubles, or 39.7%.

- Interest income increased by 13% -Income from securities transactions increased by 75% -Commission income rose by 49%


The JSCB «SLAVIA» was granted with licenses of professional participant in the securities market by the Federal financial markets service (FFMS) for broker and dealer activities, and securities management for an unlimited period of time. Also, The JSCB «SLAVIA» received a license from the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (Russian FSB) to carry out work containing state secret information.

Participation in the auction:

In May, 2011 JSCB"SLAVIA" was included in the list of tender participants of CJS "MICEX Stock Exchange".


The rating agency "Expert RA" raised the credit rating of the JSCB "SLAVIA" to the "high level of creditworthiness." Earlier, the Bank was rated B + + level "acceptable level of solvency."

Branch network expansion

Expansion of branch network - is one of the important strategies for providing our clients with an easy access to Bank’s services and products.

Branch banks opened and set to work in 2011

- Branch Bank "SLAVIA" in Nizhniy Novgorod;

-The Branch Bank’s operational office -"Great Novgorod" in Pskov;

-The Branch Bank’s additional office "Kashira in Lyubertsy.