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The results the year 2009 are summarized.

On May 26, 2010 the JSCB "SLAVIA" held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. The Bank's shareholders approved the annual report for 2009, the annual balance sheet of the Bank for 2009, including the profit and loss statement for 2009. Net income for 2009 amounted to 29,248,981 rubles 64 kopecks. The net profits transferred to pay dividends at the rate of 5 rubles 55 kopecks per one ordinary registered uncertified share.

The meeting also re-elected Board of Directors of the Bank, and approved the Auditor of the Bank and the Bank's auditor for 2010.

The same day the Bank hosted a meeting of the Board of Directors where the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mehdiyev A.M.o., was re-elected unanimously.