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The Rating Agency “Expert RA” has confirmed the rating of credit capacity of the JSCB “SLAVIA” at the level of B++ “Admissible level of credit capacity”.

The main factor, which positively influences the credit capacity of the JSCB “SLAVIA” is a very high level of sufficiency of capital. “The high level of own funds is a main source for future growth allowing to develop priority fields of development”- commented by Stanislav Volkov, a senior expert of the department of ratings of credit institutions of the agency “Expert RA”. The decision was also influenced by a good index of liquidity (as of 01.06.2009: N2=83,17%, N3=123,9%, N4=17,37%) and acceptable indexes of return of equity and assets. The other good factors are a high level and quality of security of gross credit portfolio (as of 01.06.2009: securities with pledge of capital issues and guaranties were 468% of the provided loans), decrease in first quarter of prolonged debts and existence of realistic business-plan for 2009. The Bank characterized with a good diversification of attracted funds of clients by duration, high coverage of off-balance credit liabilities by highly liquid assets and low level of past-due loans, provided to natural persons.