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The JSCB “SLAVIA” reports about increase of the working assets

The working assets of the Bank have reached 2.406,6 mln. Russian rubles as of October 1, 2009. In comparison with October 1 ,2008 the working assets has increased for another 936,1 mln. Russian rubles. Such increase in working assets is a result of the active engagement in the money market, increase of the bills of credits andcredit portfolio of the Bank.

In-between 01.01.2009- 01.10.2009 the credit portfolio of the Bank has increased for 44,21% and approached 1,781,60 mln. russian rubles. The credit portfolio has increased mainly because of consumer credits (increased for 48,87%), credits provided to construction companies (1,9 time increase), and credits to trade companies (increased for 40,66%). It is important to note that the Bank has launched actively provide credits to military-industrial complex and the percentage of the credits portfolio to this sector has increased for 7,86%.